We are all in this together

If you are watching all these people get sick, die, lose their jobs and you still don’t think universal guaranteed healthcare and safety nets such as food stamps, unemployment, government regulation on employment protection, mandatory vaccination of people without immunosuppressive ailments, and science in general I hate to be blunt but here we go….

We share no values, none,. Please unfriend me. Maybe I’ll accept that these weren’t on your radar as essential functions of a central government before, but there is no excuse now. Unemployment at 30%, nobody could afford cobra if they did have a job, and even Trump is saying we need to expand Medicare. The people that will die mostly are those without the safety net. Rich people are dying though as well, you aren’t safe. I bet exactly nobody that bitches about socialism, government handouts, or spending is going to send their $1200 back.

Oddly enough, most of those people are the “essential” workers that are actually essential… Not pastors, liquor stores, and dry cleaners… Gag, but the people that earn minimum wage and provide you with food and supplies so you have the energy and means to dick them over and dismiss them as subhuman… Which makes you look amazing. .. these people likely didn’t have insurance to lose in the first place.

There is no place, in how we move forward from this, without the above. Now I get the thought that it isn’t my problem because I’ve saved and prepared properly so why should I have to take a bump in taxes, or pay more for things…

Well this is your answer… If we don’t change minds this will happen with increasing frequency until the economy goes completely bust. So, please be part of the solution, open your mind that you have clearly been short sighted… Or quite frankly allow me to be around people that will only move the conversation forward and help.

We are all in this together. Every single human.

Ted talk.. Over

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