Gary, Shut up! You’re oversaturing me!

It’s cool if my photography isn’t your “cup of tea” because they are unrealistically vivid or oversaturated but I don’t edit them to be that way. I edit them to match how I remember them in my “mind-brain”, emotions intact. The end result is what it is.

To me, my photographs are as realistic as any memory you might have.  In the editing process, I actively try and express the emotions I felt and reflect them back at you so that moment can hopefully be some kind of shared experience, a way to  “get to know me” or “connect”. 

I share my work on Instagram and give away hi-res files to anyone that asks to purchase prints. I have not sold a single print or hawked any bullshit to my friends or followers. Just sharing my journey and my emotions in a never-ending quest to make meaningful connections in the most genuine way I know how, hoping to be understood, and optimistically throw up enough flags that I can find the like-minded. 

“Are you seeing this” is a phrase I use to sum up all the wonder and blessings I have. Mostly said in open acknowledgment and to express gratitude towards the people that made this journey possible (likely the only ones still reading to this point). I know you aren’t actually here “seeing this” and honestly, that makes me feel quite guilty and sad. In a very therapeutic sense, I do the best that I can to accurately represent my memories to you, through my photographs,  so that you can “see” what I am feeling and in return, I feel less alone.

It really boggles my mind that more don’t encode their emotions into their memories or photographs. How many new angles of the Eiffel Tower can people take? Others might get a better grasp at what you were thinking or feeling, giving the observer a glimpse into your soul, if you are lucky a deeper connection. Isn’t that the actual point of creating? 

On one hand, someone finding and criticizing my work because it is unrealistically vivid and oversaturated reeks of resentment only a therapist could love. On the other hand, I think that statement is quite powerful and says something accurate about me and the memories I have been lucky enough to make, but also, frankly, it says exactly enough about them

You are under no obligation to like, consume, comment,  compliment or care about someone’s creative expression but you certainly don’t criticize it, especially if it isn’t for sale. If it doesn’t speak to you It just wasn’t meant for you. Much in the same way couth wasn’t meant for you. 


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