The Elder Statesman

An elder statesman, I must be honest and with all regards considered, I never thought I would be having this discussion, but neither did they, you, or anyone.

It has honestly been on my mind a lot, lately, the idea of an “elder statesmen”, as I am not so caught up in the day to day struggle of the rat race it gives me a unique perspective of the flow of time. With the death of John Mccain, I can’t help but think of what comes next for leadership.

I am quite the social liberal but am never far from understanding conservative ideals. While not enough to vote their way I do believe they have a tragically important voice. Of course, the conservatism of the Reagan era seemed dead in the George W. Era, but now with Trump, both seem like like distant echoes of a better time long past. I am going, to be honest about something else.

Mccain was the first Republican that I gave honest consideration about voting for. He, in my opinion at the time, was the politician that could bring civility and a working environment back to our government. All that blew up quickly when he announced Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential Candidate.

So where does that leave us now? Who is the great hope that has the unique perspective to work on both sides, isn’t anybody’s “first choice”, someone with the character to know that even if he makes the wrong decision you couldn’t be angry at him because you knew he had good intentions, and you trusted those intentions.

This great hope in my opinion? George W. Bush. Who has the perspective in government that good ole George W. has? He was beaten down, rightfully so, for making brash decisions, abandoned by his party but decided to paint pictures for veterans for charity. This whole process clearly molded him into a wiser man. 10 years ago I would be spinning in my grave before saying this… but we need George W. to fill Mccain’s role in government.

Why is this important to me personally, to this blog? It is simple. With the complexities of this world. The threat of war, trade war, humanitarian crisis, healthcare, drugs, veterans affairs, etc… who would you really trust more to make a good moral decision? Our “president” and our houses of Congress? Or, George W. Bush? I am guessing most of us would rather bet on the former, even with his past indiscretions. The social ramifications of this obvious truth are noted and intended.

Time to get back in the saddle George, I nominate you as elder statesmen.

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