Trucking right along and looking inward.

Oh hi! So, I am currently in the UK until August 21st when I leave for Bucharest. I never really considered that I would be into Eastern Europe but my experiences in Bulgaria have driven me to explore a bit more. In late September I am off to India so I have a month to spend somewhere. Since Romania isn’t a “Schengen Zone” country it wins! It helps that it is so inexpensive to stay there.

I have been pet sitting a Shiba Inu in Egham which is about a 45-minute train ride west of London. It has been nice being a bit out in the country so I can focus a bit more on reading, writing, and just thinking inward. Turning your life inside out at 40 can bring up a lot of things to the surface.

London is strange to me because I feel so comfortable there. Part language and I suppose I have just spent so much time here over the years. Not that any of this is “vacation” anymore since the truth is that my “home” happens to be wherever my backpack is. Egham is near Windsor Castle which you will start to see pictures coming through in the next week or so. It’s just a beautiful part of the country. A short walk from the house I am staying at is where the Magna Carta was signed. To commemorate where they signed it the have chairs set up in a circle. Just loaded with history. I may or may not make it to Stonehenge. Frankly, it is fairly easy to get to from here but I am not sure I can be bothered.

I got to hang out with my old friend Carlo from when I was here in like 200(?). I think I may have originally met him on Livejournal, remember that? We went out to a pub to escape the rain, some Japanese and then walked around until rather late. It is odd how you can be separated from someone so long, but you just fall right back into the same ole banter, conversation, etc. It was really nice to catch up.

On August 8th I get to fulfill another bucket list item. I am going to see Ricky Gervais do standup in a venue with a 230 person capacity. I would have been happy seeing him in any venue but such a small venue is amazing. I will never forget the first (of many) times I watched the BBC Office, it literally changed everything about what I thought was funny and isn’t. I think it was one of the first couple shows that didn’t use a laugh track. Now, none of the good hows do.

Anyhoo, this is just a short update and I hope everyone is doing well!

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