Some Things I Have Discovered

I am coming up on my third month since retiring. Although I occasionally miss the routine of my old life I am settling in pretty well with my new one. I have felt this experience before but for someone that some might say was “set in their ways” I have always felt that I have the ability, like a chameleon, to settle in anywhere fairly easily. Being able to practice two things that became large parts of my thoughts on a daily basis has really brought me a sense of happiness. I am speaking of the number one link to happiness, contentment, and it’s little brother attachment. I only have a backpack and the moment, it is a complete scaling back of the life I was used to. I have to watch what I spend money on, I look for tricks to save money on everything. The stress difference between this life and the old one is the root cause of my happiness.

I am currently in Athens, Greece where I rented an apartment for a whole month for only $650 dollars. Quite a bit cheaper than the mortgage payment I had in the states, not to mention utilities, car, etc. From the 19th of last month until the 19th of this month I spent $1340. That includes airfare from Netherlands—>Bulgaria–>Greece, food, lodging… everything. That is less than my mortgage payment alone.

Next month I spend in the UK, just outside of London. I used this website called Trusted Housesitter that is an incredible concept In exchange for taking care of someone’s pet(s) you get to stay in their house for FREE. So at this house sit, I get to house watch a cat and a Shiba Inu for a whole month! So next month I hope to keep under $1000 total. Every dollar I save makes it less likely I will ever HAVE to work again. That, of course, isn’t to say that I won’t if I find something that really tugs at me. For now, though I am loving the break. A chance to focus on what I have, and the moment.

Another thing I have discovered is that Sofia really captured my heart a tad. I am heading back there in between Greece and the UK for about 6 days. I know Bulgaria isn’t on your average Americans travel docket, but maybe it should be. It is ridiculously inexpensive, great food, beautiful people, and safe. How many people can say that the best lemonade and the best mussels they ever had were in Bulgaria? Well, I can. Since I have this unexpected 6 days I am going to do some more exploring there.

Athens, on the other hand, is more normal priced for Europe. I have eaten some incredible seafood. Taken some wonderful pictures. The weather has been disagreeable the last few days but I plan on getting outside the city the rest of this week and getting some pictures by the seaside. Also, putting as much octopus into my stomach as humanly possible. I am here until the 11th of July. The apartment that I rented is set up exactly to my liking. I could have designed it myself. Oh, and did I mention I got to see Bill Murray perform poetry, reading, and singing? Well, I did.
The podcast is starting to take shape so hopefully, in the next month a surprise might drop out of the sky, Any delay I rest solely on the shoulders of my co-host Sean Gaston. I have also been playing with the idea, as you might have seen from earlier posts, with posting video content. In continuing with the theme of seeing what I am seeing through my “eyes”. I know that isn’t most people cup of tea but I really love the 2 videos I posted from Groningen. There were exactly what I saw and felt at those moments. That is what I want people to see…. In my video, words, and pictures. I want to share with people exactly what I see and feel, put out a flag to see if anyone else feels or see the same things.
Talk at you soon!


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