Thank you for the bewilderment

I am eternally grateful to whatever happenstance has allowed me to live this life.

I apologise if I post to often but sharing my experiences on social media is the only outlet I have to show everyone that I care for and have helped me be here, be part of my journey.  I am as eternally grateful for you as I am the aforementioned happenstance.

I hope that I am not alone in wanting to share what i get to see. I look to social media to see and experience what you see. Whether to make me laugh, think, cry, or express awe at the range of things we can all experience. This sharing of consciousness and comparing how two or more people can experience the world is the meat in the sandwich that fueled this journey for me. A breakaway from the monotony my life had become. Reaching in and reaching out and reaching for the random, or, whatever will bewilder me.


Share with me. I want to know. I want to understand and am willing to take the time to feel what you are feeling

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