Can we speak now?

In regards to Rosanne blowing herself up. Can we please use this as the moment it was ok to close the doors on nonsense and put it behind us? Everything celebrated by the reboot of that show is everything wrong with America. I am so glad today we scored a victory for good. Is it now ok for us to call out bigots again without worry of how this will effect what we wear for the Winter Ball? I am going as the Snowflake but we all should be running from fire or anything red.

Although this could be the greatest Andy Kaufman routine of all time. If she wrote this down 10 years ago we are all part of the performance art. That wouldn’t surprise me (n)either.

At least it would bring some ground anchoring context to the horror we have all been living in since white Christian males became the targeted minority.

Anyone that enjoyed that reboot (or better yet enjoyed why it was ok to gloat about being a racist pig) is half the American that any”illegal” is. Pick your own god’damn oranges.

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