The Magic Kingdom

I went from The Magic Kingdom in Orlando to The Magical Kingdom in the Netherlands in almost the same way that the pilgrims went from Plymouth to Plymouth Rock.

So, the Netherlands is like a fairy book land with Giants. The houses, churches, buildings, all look like Disneyworld and the people are super tall. The Netherlands couldn’t be much more different than my old life in Orlando but I still feel quite comfortable and at home. My only real complaint is the language barrier. While most Dutch people speak great English not speaking Dutch fluently creates not only a language barrier but it creates a barrier to really get into any conversation passed what you need from them. While normally I would be ok with not having to get to know anyone I feel a connection to this place and would like to learn more from the mouth of those that live here. It is much easier for me to see myself as not just a tourist as it is for them to see me as someone worth investing some time in. The fact that I can read Dutch fairly well doesn’t translate that well to actual conversation.

I suppose when I get back here next I will enroll in an immersive Dutch Language school. With all the extra time I have anyways it can’t hurt. While I will never be Dutch I can at least interact with them in a more meaningful way. Maybe I will learn the secret as to why they are always so happy looking.

On Monday I go up north to Groningen and then the first week of June I am in Sofia, Bulgaria. After that, I am not sure. Still waiting on my house in Orlando to sell before I plant down anywhere for more than a couple weeks.

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