The Netherlands

I finally find myself back in the Netherlands after which seems like forever. I am staying in this quaint little town called Soest which is near the great city of Utrecht. I am in this area for about 10 days and then I head north to the city of Groningen for a week or so. After that, I head to Sofia, Bulgaria. This will be my first trip to Eastern Europe and the old “Russian Block”.

This is just a quick update as I prepare a more robust blog entry. I am still trying to grasp what it means to be on this journey that I am on. I am also finding it hard to find the words to describe what this all means for me. Having “what I do” not be a job but instead be wandering and observing what is going on around me is a paradigm shift, even for me. You get what you ask for and I asked for something that is a bit outside the norm. Anyone that knows me shouldn’t be very surprised.

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