Costa Rica Part One

Few Clouds, 69°F

Calle 24, Heredia, Costa Rica

So I am officially no longer employed in any meaningful way. I have given up my security for the wind and an excess of freedom.   Other than my house not selling yet everything is as it was planned.

I am currently in San Jose, Costa Rica a few hours from my fortieth birthday. The big 4-0. I actually plan to hike up Poás Volcano for my birthday.  I have always liked being alone, or the idea of being alone on my birthday. As someone that doesn’t do a lot of reflection on the past because I always try to move forward, it is the one day that I make a conscious effort to reflect. My whole 39th year I have been focused solely on preparing for this large life change that I have instituted.

It is with a bit of disbelief actually that everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. Again the house hasn’t sold yet (a deal fell through) but it obviously will and then all my material anchors are gone. So in the meantime, I figured why not go to Costa Rica? It has always been on the bucket list.

My early impressions of Costa Rica are about what I expected. The people are super friendly, and helpful. There are a surprising amount of English Speakers here, which is great because my Spanglish is poor. The only real disappointment is that the architecture is not as old as I envisioned. I suppose that is my fault for not doing any research before I showed up though. As with anything when you have expectations without educating yourself you are always bound to be disappointed. That was my mistake. The worst part is that it is now a “negative” for the trip when the reality is that there is nothing wrong with the way things are. I have to learn to not create expectations and be content with the way things actually are.

The first night I got here it was late so I basically just went to bed to wake up early. The sun sets here about 6 pm so by 7 pm it is basically dark outside. The flip side though is that at 5:30 am it is light out.

So on Day 2 I woke up and walked from where I am staying in Heredia towards San Jose. Before 9 am I had already walked 15,000 steps. After I started to get tired of walking I caught an Uber downtown to explore the capital city. I was able to take some pictures, grab some lunch, but frankly, I wasn’t feeling the vibe of the city as much as I would have liked. So I decided to head back to the Airbnb for a siesta and then have a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant down the street from my Airbnb. I had a Garlic Octopus dish that was absolutely incredible. At this point, it was getting dark and I knew I had an early morning so I called it a night.

Day 3, Today. Today I went to a place called the Toucan Rescue Ranch. ( This ranch takes in and rehabilitates different animals native to Costa Rica. Plus they serve a killer cup of coffee. I got to spend an unbelievable amount of time taking pictures of sloth’s, various native birds, and learning about their commitment to the wildlife of Costa Rica. I hope you will browse my Instagram in the coming days as I post what I captured. The rest of the day I ate some sub-par sushi but had the most amazing Pina-Banana smoothie I have ever had.

So until tomorrow….


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