Well, there certainly has been a rapture this weekend… Even if it wasn’t the biblical one.

Whether it’s Rosa Parks, MLK, or even Jesus, they started as unpopular “SOB’s” and the majority or establishment hate against what they stood for is later what made them heroes. It wasn’t their words or their actions but the actions or inactions of the people that witnessed it that made them heroes. The fact that a cultural norm was being pointed out as being incorrect took a second to get used to but in hindsight…. Clear as day.

In the rear view, it all makes sense. In our generation, a mixed race quarterback playing for one of the most recognizable teams in the country quietly took a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. His act was simple, but the reaction symbolized the disconnect nobody wanted to acknowledge. Our hate, our love, our fear, our blindness created it.

#Kaepernick is now a civil rights hero, for better or worse, I suppose that’s up to us. Thankfully this guy actually walks the walk.They spat at him, tried to question his credentials, they took away his livelihood, and he was almost forgotten… but like happens in history, again and again, the majority took the bait. The sheep followed the herd, used him as an example of what was “wrong with America” and then when it came time for an argument of substance it became clear that the herd was actually wrong, and what was “wrong with America” was you.

You do have a choice to see it however you want, but I urge you to keep in mind how you want to tell the story to your grandchildren when they ask you what it was like to live through. How one man, took a knee, started a movement, and how this act made the world a better place…… And this is where we do our part to finish the story. You can take a knee and learn the lesson we were all taught and further the cause, or you can be looked at as the backward grandparent that everyone ignores at Thanksgiving…… If they invite you. I am just going to go ahead and #takeaknee


  1. I have shared this on facebook, with the comment that I am a granny who has taken a knee three times with no regrets. If my knees are not up to it in future, I will continue to believe that “the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air” is nothing to sing about or salute.

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