The Elder Statesman

August 27, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

An elder statesman, I must be honest and with all regards considered, I never thought I would be having this discussion, but neither did they, you, or anyone. It has honestly been on my mind a lot, lately, the idea of an “elder statesmen”, as I am not so caught […]

Trucking right along and looking inward.

July 31, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

Oh hi! So, I am currently in the UK until August 21st when I leave for Bucharest. I never really considered that I would be into Eastern Europe but my experiences in Bulgaria have driven me to explore a bit more. In late September I am off to India so […]

Some Things I Have Discovered

June 27, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

I am coming up on my third month since retiring. Although I occasionally miss the routine of my old life I am settling in pretty well with my new one. I have felt this experience before but for someone that some might say was “set in their ways” I have […]

That Kid is Back on the Escalator Again!

June 15, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

This morning I had a realization as I was going up the escalator out of the metro here in Athens. I was filled with such joy, and such anticipation while languidly reaching the top. The fact that I had no idea what was waiting for me at the top of […]

R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain

June 8, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

Clearly, Anthony Bourdain was an influence on my life. This quote is nearly my whole mission statement. I hate feeling this way about a celebrity but this is just devastating. I looked up to him, his triumphs and his faults. Nobody knows better than I do that people die, but […]

Thank you for the bewilderment

June 4, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

I am eternally grateful to whatever happenstance has allowed me to live this life. I apologise if I post to often but sharing my experiences on social media is the only outlet I have to show everyone that I care for and have helped me be here, be part of […]

This is what I see

May 30, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

I am extremely fascinated by two or more consciousnesses interacting. My major interest is whatever the instant where something you are showing, saying, singing, or conveying is transmitted by you and then at what point does it flip from a projection to an observation. How accurate is that flip, that […]

Can we speak now?

May 29, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

In regards to Rosanne blowing herself up. Can we please use this as the moment it was ok to close the doors on nonsense and put it behind us? Everything celebrated by the reboot of that show is everything wrong with America. I am so glad today we scored a […]

The Magic Kingdom

May 26, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

I went from The Magic Kingdom in Orlando to The Magical Kingdom in the Netherlands in almost the same way that the pilgrims went from Plymouth to Plymouth Rock. So, the Netherlands is like a fairy book land with Giants. The houses, churches, buildings, all look like Disneyworld and the […]