Decisions, decisions

May 20, 2020 Gary Wanderlust 0

It can be really difficult to give advice to people you care about. It happened to me twice today where someone asked me what I would do in their situation. Many years ago I had to make similar decisions in very similar circumstances so by a “twist of fate” they […]

We are all in this together

April 3, 2020 Gary Wanderlust 0

If you are watching all these people get sick, die, lose their jobs and you still don’t think universal guaranteed healthcare and safety nets such as food stamps, unemployment, government regulation on employment protection, mandatory vaccination of people without immunosuppressive ailments, and science in general I hate to be blunt […]

This is Gary’s Life

March 29, 2020 Gary Wanderlust 0

So everyone is (or should be) bored and has some time on their hands. Maybe you looking for some new music to listen to. Maybe you want to know how I became me. Either way, in no particular order I have listed my top 20 albums that define my life. […]

Gary, Shut up! You’re oversaturing me!

August 26, 2019 Gary Wanderlust 0

It’s cool if my photography isn’t your “cup of tea” because they are unrealistically vivid or oversaturated but I don’t edit them to be that way. I edit them to match how I remember them in my “mind-brain”, emotions intact. The end result is what it is. To me, my […]

No lo comprendo

July 26, 2019 Gary Wanderlust 0

I had a whole heartfelt carefully worded conversation today with an extremely high functioning person in which I laid out my philosophy of how I make decisions. The constant struggle between protecting my serenity and extending myself to help others, the contents of which are outside the scope of this […]

Happy Birthday Old Friend

July 4, 2019 Gary Wanderlust 0

So I woke to today in Manila on my countries birthday, before it’s even it’s birthday (unless you are in Guam), I wrote this. Happy birthday old friend. I hardly recognize you. I used to be so proud to be yours but lately i find myself hiding it in conversation […]


June 12, 2019 Gary Wanderlust 0

Three years ago I wrote this blog in response to the Pulse nightclub shooting. It is interesting to re-read and also think of how so many changes within me can be directly linked to this tragedy. It helped push me out the door into what I am doing now. It […]

Do not envy anything about me.

April 5, 2019 Gary Wanderlust 0

(i wrote this post nearly 6 months ago and sat on it and ground my blog to a halt because i felt like a hypocrite because i was to scared to deal with the repercussions of posting it. This is who i am though. It is what it is.) Few […]

The Elder Statesman

August 27, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

An elder statesman, I must be honest and with all regards considered, I never thought I would be having this discussion, but neither did they, you, or anyone. It has honestly been on my mind a lot, lately, the idea of an “elder statesmen”, as I am not so caught […]

Trucking right along and looking inward.

July 31, 2018 Gary Wanderlust 0

Oh hi! So, I am currently in the UK until August 21st when I leave for Bucharest. I never really considered that I would be into Eastern Europe but my experiences in Bulgaria have driven me to explore a bit more. In late September I am off to India so […]